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Charlotte - 2005


Help for delegates who report on Charlotte 2005 to their home congregations

In this section you will find reports in written form that were delivered by various persons at Charlotte 2005. We hope this will provide a tool for delegates who are asked to report to their home congregations. Some items can be used ‘as is.’ Others are scripted presentations that may be adapted to suit local congregational needs. At the Charlotte assembly, these items were referred to as “Stories of Healing & Hope.” Each one offers a reflection of a core value as represented by congregations and area conferences of Mennonite Church Canada.

Minute Book

Archived Audio Reports

A good way to get current summaries of assembly proceedings is through the reports from the Listening Committee. Other audio reports may appear here as they become available. Best with high speed internet.

  • Canadian Delegate Sessions, Listening Committee Audio Report #1, Wednesday, July 6, 9:20 am.
  • The final Listening Committee Report [representatives: Irene Crossland (Alberta), Ron Braun (BC), Nancy Bauman (Ontario)]
  • Pepsi and Africa: Pam Peters-Pries and Mark Regier of Meritas (Socially Responsible Investments) present a report about how Mennonite Church Canada’s pension plan influences corporate investment in Africa and the AIDS pandemic there.
  • Youth delegates report to adult delegates on some of their assembly experience: Jacquelyn Janzen (Grace MC, Prince Albert, Sask.) reports first, followed by Peter Edgar (Listowell MC, Ont.)
Jacquelyn Janzen
(Grace MC, Prince Albert, Sask.)
Peter Edgar
(Listowell MC, Ont.)
Download or listen to the mp3 file 957KB MP3 file - Help with MP3 files]


Assembly Week Updates

MPress Extra (Canada)

In addition to MPress, here you may find supplementary news, information, and photos specific to Mennonite Church Canada delegate sessions and activities.


Official Daily News from Charlotte 2005, the daily news sheet of the joint Mennonite Church Canada/Mennonite Church USA assembly.

Live Streaming Assembly Audio

Complementary audio features from the assembly will be available live to on-line listeners through Goshen College’s radio station, 91.1 The Globe, Tuesday through Friday, at 10:15 am and 2:15 pm, EST (same as CST in summer, since Indiana does not observe daylight saving time). Visit for live web streaming.

Feedback about news and other coverage of Charlotte 2005

Mennonite Church Canada Report Book


Program Book (excerpts)

Advance Resolutions

Congregations and area conferences have been invited to submit in advance resolutions for consideration by the delegate body. No resolutions have been submitted to date.

At Assembly 2004 a resolution presented by delegates from the Rosemary congregation was discussed and tabled by action of the delegate body, with instructions that the General Board should pursue conversation with the congregation about the issues (see 2005 Report Book, p. 6, Resolution 2). There have been several interchanges, but the congregation has declared its desire to disassociate from MC Canada (while retaining membership in MC Alberta) and does not wish to have further discussions at this time.

The resolutions committee proposes that the discussion on “Definitions and Expectations of Membership in MC Canada” (2005 Report Book pp. 71-72) provides a setting to discuss the issues at the heart of the tabled resolution, and that the proposed Faith and Life Committee should be the forum over time for addressing other concerns raised in and by that resolution.


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July 4 - 9, 2005


Charlotte, North Carolina


Joint Assembly:

  • Mennonite Church Canada
  • Mennonite Church USA
  • Youth Assembly


Can't Keep Quiet: "We cannot stop telling about the wonderful things we have seen and heard." —Acts 4:20 NLT

Letter of invitation from Dan Nighswander and Jim Schrag:

Download the invitation [83 KB PDF file - Help with PDF files] that was included with Equipping #51.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Press Releases