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Past Events: 2002


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3 CMU classes begin
4-5 AMBS Peace & Justice Collaborative Workshop
7 WMES, RJC, WMC classes resume
11 CMU Infusion (praise & worship evening), chapel
11-12 Camp Squeah Committee Retreat
12 BC Women in Mission Business Meeting, Bethel Mennonite
12-13 RJC Alumni Tournament of Memories
13 CMU music faculty recital, CMU auditorium, 7 pm
15 RMC prospective students evening
17 WMC - Church/School Liaison Meeting
18-20 CwM young adult retreat, Camp Moose Lake
18-20 CwM Jr. Youth retreat, Camp Koinonia
18-20 Living as Peacemakers, Camp Squeah, MCCBC Peace & Service Committee and Ploughshares Fraser Valley
20 CMU vespers service, 7pm, CMU auditorium
20 MSCS skate-a-thon
21-25 CBC Urban Mission Adventure
23-28 RMC Semester 1 exams
25-27 CwM sr. youth retreat, Camp Koinonia
25-27 MCS Sr. High Retreat, Camp Shekinah SK
26 MCBC Day of Prayer & Discernment, Cedar Valley Menn., Mission
27 Mennonite World Fellowship Day, Elkhart IN
28-31 AMBS Pastors Week, Elkhart IN
Jan. 29-31 CMU winter lectures
Jan. 31 - Feb. 1 WMC - Jr. High One-Act Plays
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Today Mennonite Church Canada assumes responsibility for its fair share of mission and ministry workers and programs, bringing into reality plans that began being discussed as far back as 1983.

In Canada it means that Canadian Mennonite congregations will begin carrying the full weight of support for over 30 international and domestic mission workers, programs such as Mennonite Voluntary Service, and "new for Canada" ministries such as Youth, Young Adult, and other ministry areas.

Your generous prayer and financial support is needed to carry God’s mission into the future.

2 CBC 80's Alumni Reunion Day
2-6 CMU pastors special courses, CMU chapel
3 CBC 80's Alumni Singers Concert, S Abbotsford MB Church
3 CMU music faculty recital
4 AMBS second semester classes begin
4-7 WMC Spirit Week
5 WMES open house: 1 - 3:30 pm, information evening: 7-9 pm, Bedson & Agassiz schools
7 MSCS open house
7-9 MC Canada Leadership Assembly, Bethel Mennonite Church, Winnipeg
7-9 AMBS Board of Directors meeting, Elkhart IN

Gallery 7 (drama ministry operating out of Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church) Show:

One Act Play Festival: Courtyard by Don A. Mueller & Dear Diary by Paul McCusker

10 Camp Shekinah Fun Day
11 WMC open house
13 - Mar 24  
13 RMC prospective students evening
14-16 AMBS Peace & Justice Collaborative Workshop, Part 1
15 MCM ministers conference, River East Mennonite Church, Winnipeg
15 MCC Relief Sale, Guelph ON
15-16 Mennonite Church Manitoba annual meeting, Springfield Heights, Wpg.
15-17 MCI Youth Orbit
17 CMU vespers service, 7 pm, CMU auditorium
19-22 MCEC School for Ministers, at CGUC
21 CMU explore CMU (parent information evening)
21-23 AMBS Peace & Justice Collaborative Workshop, Part 2
21-23 Mennonite Publishing House Board meeting Newton
22-23 Mennonite Church Saskatchewan annual meeting, Zion Mennonite, Swift Current
23 RMC annual dinner & auction Extravaganza
24 Faith & Life Choral Festival 2002, Winnipeg
28 WMES Spring Fundraising Banquets
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1 World Day of Prayer
1-2 Conference of Mennonites in Alberta annual meeting, Bergthal Mennonite Church, Didsbury
1-3 CwM families with mentally handicapped person retreat, Camp Assiniboia
1-9 MEI Spring Drama
1 - 10

Fraser Valley Arts & Peace Festival 10th Anniversary in Abbotsford BC. Organizedby MCC BC Peace & Service Committee and Project Ploughshares. For details, email
3 CMU choral connections, 7:30 pm, CMU gym
3-4 AMBS Seminary Sampler
7-9 MC Canada Leadership Assembly, Bethel Mennonite Church, Winnipeg.
7-9 MCI spring drama
7-9 AMBS Believers Church Conference
8-10 CMU Peace-It-Together youth conference
8-10 CwM Jr. Youth retreat, Camp Moose Lake

Gallery 7 (drama ministry operating out of Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church) Show:

The Lilies of the Field adapted by F. Andrew Leslie

9 World Missions Sunday
11-15 RMC mid-winter break
12 CGUC Campus Day
14-15 CGUC Bechtel Lectures in Anabaptist-Mennonite Studies
15-16 CBC Youth Workers Conference
17 CMU vespers service, 7 pm, CMU auditorium
18 WMC Board Banquet
18-20 Mennonite Camping Association biennial/binational convention, Amigo Center MI
23-31 WMES Spring Break
23-April 1 WMC Spring Break
24 Palm Sunday
27 CMU faculty recital, 7:30 pm, CMU auditorium
29 Good Friday
31 Easter Sunday
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2 WMES classes resume
2 WMC application deadline for new students
3 CBC Scholarship Dessert Evening
4-6 MCI fundraising banquets
5 CBC Athletic Awards Evening
7 Evangelism & Church Planting Sunday
7 CGUC convocation
9-22 RJC Chorale tour to BC, Washington, Oregon
11-24 CMU exam days
12-13 MCEC Spring conference
13 SWM Enrichment Mtg, Rosthern Mennonite Church
15 MCI deadline for early application credit for 2002-2003
15-19 RJC ALSO Program
17-29 WMC Choir/Band Tour
18-20 CCM (Council on Church and Media) annual meeting, Washington DC
19 CBC Spring Concert, Columbia Place
19-21 CAMS music festival, Abbotsford BC
20 CBC Graduation Ceremonies, Columbia Place
21-27 CGUC Chapel Choir Tour
22-26 MCBC Cdn Church Planter Assessment Centre, Abbotsford
24 CGUC Alumni Reunion
26 RMC Envirathon, Servathon '02
26-27 General Board Meets, Winnipeg
27 CMU spring concert
28 CMU baccalaureate & convocation
28 BC Women in Mission Inspirational Day, Cedar Valley, Mission
30 RMC Grandparents Day
30 CBC Columbia Open 2002 Golf Tournament
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2 WMES Bedson Spring Concert
2-4 MSCS spring musical
3 MCI student council workday
4 WMC Parents' Association Auction
7 MEI Junior Spring Concert
9 WMES Agassiz Spring Concert
9 Ascension Day
9-11 AMBS Peace & Justice Collaborative Workshop
9-11 RMC All-school musical
11-12 MCC Bike the Whiteshell
12 Festival of the Christian Home
12 RJC Spring Concert, 2:30 pm
15 WMC Work day
16 RMC visual arts exhitibion
16-20 Wildcat backpack, Camp Shekinah
21-24 RMC grade 8 Ottawa trip
22-24 RMC grad 11 Leadership retreat
24 MEI Graduation ceremony, 7 pm
24 AMBS Commencement
24 WMC Sr. Spring concert
24-25 MCC Relief Sale, New Hamburg ON
25 Faith & Life Spring Concert, Winnipeg
26 Faith & Life Spring Concert, Brandon
27-29 CwM Plus 55 retreat, Camp Moose Lake
30 WMES Society annual meeting
30-June 1 AMBS Board of Directors meeting, Elkhart IN

31 WMC Jr. Spring concert
31-June 1 MCC MB Relief Sale, Winnipeg
31-June 1 MCC Relief Sale, Saskatoon
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2 MCC Community Sale, Leamington ON
3-5 CwM Plus 55 retreat, Camp Koinonia
3-7 AMBS summer class, Pentecostal College, Saskatoon
6 WMC Church/School Liaison Meeting
7 RMC Spring Concert
7-8 MCBC Leadership Conference & Annual Sessions, Vernon BC
8-9 MCI Homecoming: Meeting at the Crossroads 2002
9 MCI Sängerfest
14 MSCS grade nine graduation
14 RMC grade 8 graduation
14-16 Mennonite Publishing House Board meeting, Scottdale PA
17-21 RJC final exams
17-21 WMC Outdoor Education Week
20-22 RJC Spring Musical
21 MEI Graduation banquet, Chilliwack
22 RMC Sr. Graduation banquet and ceremony
23 MCI Graduation
23 RJC Graduation
24 WMC Senior 4 Graduation
24-July 25 RMC China exchange
24-July 9 RMC France/Germany exchange '02
27 MEI Secondary awards ceremony
28 WMES last day of classes
28 WMC Year-end chapel & awards assembly
29 MCC Auction for Relief, Aylmer ON
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate summer volleyball & basketball camps
Mennonite Church Canada Assembly, Circle Drive Alliance Church, Saskatoon SK
Women in Mission celebration of 50th anniversary of Canadian Women in Mission, Saskatoon
Mennonite Central Committee Alberta Relief Sale, Sherwood Park
Mennonite Central Committee Cycle Spruce Woods
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan Golden Triangle Bike Trip
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan Sr. Canoe Trip, Camp Shekinah
Rosthern Junior College classes begin
September 2002
1 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:30 p.m., Calvary Mennonite Church, Monetville, ON
Labour Day
Canadian Mennonite University registration & orientation
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate classes begin
Canadian Mennonite University classes begin
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan Jr. High Retreat, Camp Shekinah
7 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Hillcrest Mennonite Church, New Hamburg, ON
Conrad Grebel University College Retreat, Silver Lake Mennonite Camp
8 Wonderful World of Witness, 11:00 a.m. Community Mennonite Fellowship, Drayton, ON
Rosthern Junior College Opening Program, 2:30 pm
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Parents' Evening
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Senior Day
13 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Steinbach Mennonite Church, Steinbach, MB
Churchwide Stewardship Council Meeting of MC Canada and MC USA
Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale, Abbotsford Tradex, Abbotsford BC
Mennonite Central Committee MB Relief Sale, Morris
15 Wonderful World of Witness, 11:00 a.m. Thompson Mennonite Church, Thompson, MB
15 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. First Mennonite Church Winnipeg, MB
16 Wonderful World of Witness, 16 7:00 p.m. Grace Mennonite Church Regina, SK
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Board/staff BBQ
17 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. First Mennonite Church Calgary, AB
18 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. First Mennonite Church Kelowna, BC
19 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Sherbrooke Mennonite Church Vancouver, BC
Mennonite Educational Institute 4th annual golf classic
Live @ Canadian Mennonite University
20 Wonderful World of Witness, 1:00 p.m. West Abbotsford Mennonite Church Abbotsford, BC
Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale, Toronto ON
Mennonite Central Committee MB Relief Sale, Brandon
22 Wonderful World of Witness, 11:00 a.m. First Mennonite Church Burns Lake, BC
23 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Hillcrest Centre Grande Praire, AB
Mennonite Educational Institute annual general meeting
24 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. First Mennonite Church Edmonton, AB
25 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Rosthern Mennonite Church Rosthern, SK
26 Wonderful World of Witness, 10:00 a.m. Rosthern Junior College Rosthern, SK
26 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:30 p.m. Mount Royal Mennonite Church Saskatoon, SK
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Cyclathon
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Opening Program & Fund Raising Faspa
29 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. Vineland United Mennonite Church Vineland, ON
30-Oct 2
BC Pastor/Spouse Retreat, Cedar Springs
October 2002
1 Columbia Golf-A-Thon 2002 – Valley Golf Centre in Abbotsford
All Councils Retreat, Pinawa, Manitoba
Mennonite Church Manitoba ministers & deacons conference
Worldwide Communion Sunday
Mennonite Church Manitoba equipping the congregation conference
Seeking the peace of the city - An Urban ministry conference. Welcome Inn, Hamilton, Ontario.
Saskatchewan Women in Mission Fall retreat, Camp Shekinah
BC Women in Mission Retreat, Camp Squeah
20 Columbia Day in BC MB & MC Churches
20 Presidential Commissioning Service – 3:00 pm in Columbia Place
Canadian Mennonite University JJ Thiessen lectures
24 CBC Annual Meeting – 7:00 pm at Columbia Bible College
Mennonite Foundation of Canada Board of Directors Meeting, Winnipeg.
25-27 Columbia Encounter Weekend (for youth in grades 9 to 12)
Mennonite Church Manitoba volleyball tournament
Mennonite Heritage Sunday
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Annual Meeting
November 2002
Canadian Mennonite University Youth Ministry Conference
Camps with Meaning celebration banquets
Camps with Meaning Quilting retreat, Camp Moose Lake
15 Columbia Fall Fundraising Banquet - Bakerview MB Church, Abbotsford
Mennonite Central Committee MB annual meeting
Mennonite Central Committee ON annual meeting, Aylmer ON
16 Columbia Fall Fundraising Banquet - Peace Mennonite Church, Richmond
17 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:30 p.m. at Hawksville Mennonite Church, Hawksville ON
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Evening with the Arts
Mennonite Central Committee Canada annual general meeting, Winnipeg MB
December 2002
Advent begins
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Discovery Day
8 Wonderful World of Witness, 7:00 p.m. at Windsor Mennonite Church, Windsor, ON
9 Wonderful World of Witness, 10:45 a.m. Chapel at United Mennonite Educational Institute (UMEI)
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate Christmas Concert
10 Wonderful World of Witness, 9:30 a.m. Chapel at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Kitchener, ON
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Christmas Concert
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate last day of school
Rosthern Junior College Christmas Program, 7 pm
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year's Eve
30 MCS Bikeathon, Camp Shekinah


AMBS - Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary
CAMS - Canadian Association of Mennonite Schools
CBC - Columbia Bible College
CGUC - Conrad Grebel University College
CMA - Conference of Mennonites in Alberta
CMU - Canadian Mennonite University
CwM - Camps with Meaning
MCBC - Mennonite Church British Columbia
MCC - Mennonite Central Committee
MCCC - Mennonite Central Committee Canada
MC Canada - Mennonite Church Canada
MCEC - Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada
MCI - Mennonite Collegiate Institute
MCM - Mennonite Church Manitoba
MCS - Mennonite Church Saskatchewan
MEI - Mennonite Educational Institute
MSCS - Menno Simons Christian School
RJC - Rosthern Junior College
RMC - Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
SWM - Saskatchewan Women in Mission
WIM - Women in Mission
WMC - Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
WMES - Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary Schools
Wpg. - Winnipeg