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Mennonite Church Canada Adult Assembly - 2012:
Dusting off the Bible for the 21st Century

    Dusting off the Bible for the 21st Century

Mennonite Church Canada Assemblies have a long history of using a particular biblical text as a theme. This year we will continue to worship and study together - but there will be more time to sharpen our skills for study and interpreting scripture for our time. Read more...

The need to look again at scripture with fresh eyes in a community setting is evident as God’s people in and beyond Mennonite Church Canada respond to influences from a variety of sources: politics, experts, theologians, other faith traditions, popular culture, and more. Assembly participants will engage scripture with a focus on hermeneutics – the practice and principles of biblical interpretation.

The following observations, questions, and statements in recent years have focused our approach to this assembly:

  • We need to remember who we are as people of God.
  • We need to reclaim our delight in Scripture.
  • Do we read the Bible anymore anyway?
  • How we think about an issue depends on how we read the Scripture.
  • Where do we place the biblical text next to other ‘tools’ of discernment?

These comments speak to the pressing need to dust off our Bibles. In addition, recent papers on the theme of Being a Faithful Church have placed the issue of hermeneutics and discernment high on the agenda for many within Mennonite Church Canada.

Mennonite Church Canada’s Faith and Life Committee (FLC) believes that a focus on biblical interpretation for our time is critical for the church at this moment in its history. Over the last 18 months, the FLC has brainstormed, prayed, studied scripture, and discerned this focus for Assembly 2012 – and this team will guide you through our focus of Dusting off the Bible for the 21st Century. We will do all of this in the context of a rich worship experience.

During our time together at Assembly 2012, we will delight in scripture, approach the Bible with fresh eyes for a new time, discover tools for scripture discernment, and approach it all from an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective, where the life and witness of Jesus Christ is central.

Mennonite Church Canada’s three priorities are to Form a People of God, Grow Leaders for the Church, and Become a Global Church. It is our hope that Dusting off the Bible for the 21st Century will serve to deeply support this vision.

Faith and Life Committee (Rudy Baergen, chair, Senior Pastor, Bethel Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, MB; Karen Martens Zimmerly, Denominational
Minister, Mennonite Church Canada; Betty Pries, co-director and consultant with Associates Resourcing the Church (ARC)Waterloo, ON; Arnold
Neufeldt-Fast, Associate Academic Dean and Director of Theological Studies Modular Program at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, ON;Doug Klassen,
Senior Pastor, Foothills Mennonite Church, Calgary, AB; Sharon Schultz, Pastor, Eyebrow Mennonite Church, Eyebrow, SK)