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Round Table Discussions - Graphical Summary


Note that table groups may have chosen not to respond to some questions, or responded with more than one answer. Hence the totals do not add up to 100%.



Explanatory note re: Homosexuality Depictions: The tallied numbers interpret the number of times a viewpoint was expressed at each table.

  1. to invite, inform, inspire and involve all parts of the church in God’s mission of healing and hope in Christ
  2. to participate with the Holy Spirit in the calling, equipping and sending of the church for God’s mission of healing and hope in Christ.
  3. to bring people together around God’s mission to build the unity and voice of our church and to connect needs with resources across the street and around the world.

Note: On the CCC/EFC issue, the category “Concerned Comments/Question” includes both concerns about joining and concerns about not joining. In several cases of each of the three questions, it is impossible to interpret whether the concern lies with joining or with not joining. Example: The comment “Board structure (self perpetuating)” can neither be interpreted as an affirming concern nor a dissenting concern. “Neutral Comments/Questions” were categorized in the context of seeking more information.