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Leadership - Expectations of Members of the Christian Witness Council


The church has one mission: to participate in God’s work in the world. The national church body engages this mission in two ways.

  1. It provides resources that enable area conferences and their congregations to participate in God’s mission.
  2. It also acts on behalf of area conferences and their congregations to engage in parts of God’s mission that are beyond their separate capacities.

To address these responsibilities Mennonite Church Canada organizes its work into two program bodies. One provides resources and act on behalf of the church in the area of Christian Formation and the other does the same in the area of Christian Witness. A third body provides Support Services to facilitate the work of the program areas.

The purpose of MC Canada Witness is “to lead, mobilize and resource the church to participate in holistic witness to Jesus Christ in a broken world, thus aligning the being and the doing of the church with God’s work.”

The Christian Witness Council is responsible to oversee the programs that enable congregations and area conferences to do their work of expanding the witness of the church. Activities that are part of this council’s responsibility include:

  • International Ministries
  • Multi-Cultural Ministry
  • Native Ministry
  • Congregational Partnerships
  • Connections to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), and Canadian Women in Mission (CWM)

The Council is comprised of ten persons elected by the Delegate Assembly The chair is elected by the Delegate Assembly. Council members choose any other officers they deem necessary.

The Council has authority and responsibility to oversee programs, staff and budgets. It can also delegate parts of this authority and responsibility to committees appointed to advise and oversee the activity of a particular program area. The Council will advise the General Secretary on the hiring of an Executive Secretary, who in turn will hire other staff as needed.

Appointment to this Council is for a period of 3 years, renewable for three consecutive terms. One member is appointed for a double (6 year) term and also serves as one of Mennonite Church Canada’s three members on the General Council of Mennonite World Conference.

The Council Chairperson and one other member represent the CWC on the General Board.

The CWC normally meets for three days in March and three days in October.