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Leadership - MC-Canada Bylaws, Part V



Composition of the General Board

17 The General Board shall consist of:

(a) the officers;
(b) the moderator or a designate of each area conference;
(c) the following from the Councils:

(i) the chair of the Christian Witness Council and one other named by the Council;
(ii) the chair of the Christian Formation Council and one other named by the Council; and
(iii) the chair of the Support Services Council; and

(d) three members at large appointed by the General Board and confirmed by the delegate assembly, one of whom will be appointed by the General Board to the General Council of Mennonite World Conference. Duties and Powers of the General Board

18 The General Board shall:

(a) act on behalf of MC Canada between delegate assemblies;
(b) act as the legal representative of MC Canada, authorize such of its officers to sign contracts, cheques and other documents on behalf of MC Canada as the General Board may consider advisable, and prescribe the limits, if any, of such authority;
(c) report to, and be accountable to, its members at delegate assemblies;
(d) between delegate assemblies, continue the process of discerning MC Canada’s participation in God’s work as reflected in the Mission Statement;
(e) lead MC Canada in developing its identity and vision;
(f) create forums for interaction among the leaders of the area conferences;
(g) direct and coordinate the work of the Councils;
(h) review financial statements and direct the preparation of budgets;
(i) make recommendations at regular delegate assemblies on the appointment of auditors for MC Canada;
(j) appoint the General Secretary;
(k) at its discretion, fill vacancies in elected positions that occur between regular delegate assemblies;
(l) process issues of membership in MC Canada and make recommendations thereon at regular or special delegate assemblies;
(m) foster relationships with other church bodies, including appointments as appropriate to:

(i) MC USA;
(ii) Mennonite World Conference;
(iii) other Mennonite church bodies;
(iv) Canadian Council of Churches; and
(v) Evangelical Fellowship of Canada;

(n) oversee the work of Canadian Mennonite Bible College within Canadian Mennonite University;
(o) in partnership with MC USA, oversee the work of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary; and
(p) do any other thing which is likely to support and promote the mission of MC Canada.

General Board Governance

19 The General Board shall formulate and adopt rules of procedure and governance under which it shall operate.


Bylaws Approved: July 14, 2001
Ammended: July 6, 2002