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Church in China Learning Tour


You are invited!

April 9-21, 2010; An add-option tour to Xian and Sichuan Province will be from April 21 to 27.


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Marlin Jeschke (Goshen College) shares photos with a new friend

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Mosque courtyard in Xian

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David Ewert, the son of China Mennonite missionaries, meets with childhood friends in Puyang, Henan

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Fellowshipping with rural believers

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Nestorian pagoda near Xian, site of first Christian church in China



This tour is an opportunity to meet fellow Christians and learn about the church in China. The best way to understand the history and appreciate the complexity of the church is to directly engage others and see first-hand the work of God. The goal is to provide the best overview possible while recognizing the incomplete nature of any engagement in such a populous, diverse and vast country.


We will visit

  • Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai (large cities)
  • Anqing (medium-sized city in Anhui Province)
  • Rural counties in northern China (former Mennonite mission area) The itinerary will include
  • urban, rural churches and meeting points
  • seminaries and lay worker training schools
  • Institute of World Religions and the State Administration for Religious Affairs
  • the Amity Foundation and Amity Printing Company
  • Zhi-Mian Counseling Center and other local partners

Participants will converse with:

  • believers, ordained pastors, seminary teachers, national church leaders and rural lay leaders
  • religious researchers and academics who have been part of the MPC exchange
  • government officials and representative of other religions

We will visit major historical sites in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai.

We are planning an add-on visit to the cities of Xian and Chengdu (April 21-27). Included in this add-on option are

  • Terracotta warriors museum, Big Goose Pagoda, Xian city wall and Great Mosque
  • site of first Christian church and monastery in China (near Xian)
  • panda reserve near Chengdu and the Sanxingdui (ancient culture) museum
  • Sichuan Christian Council, Sichuan Theological Seminary and local church
  • Sichuan Normal University and former exchange scholars


The tour is open to those with a strong interest in engaging Chinese Christians and learning about the church in China. Preference will be given to administrators and staff persons from Mennonite agencies and institutions, and family members of former Mennonite China missionaries. The maximum number of participants will be 20. Participants should be in good health with no major respiratory problems, or difficulty with walking longer distances.

Tour Hosts

Tour Hosts are partners and friends of MPC, including pastors, lay workers, teachers, and exchange scholars. Active in China since 1981, MPC has established friendships and partnerships with many churches and church organizations, as well as educational and government institutions. MPC director Myrrl Byler and MPC church liaison director Yin Hongtao will make the arrangements and travel with the group. Myrrl and Hongtao have led a number of educational tours and depend on other MPC personnel and Chinese partners to provide a quality tour.

Travel Logistics

A valid passport is required as is a Chinese visa (provided by tour host). No immunizations are required but your health care provider may have recommendations. Travel within China will be primarily by chartered coach. The add-on portion of the tour will require several domestic flights. Lodging will be at 2-4 star hotels and guesthouses with clean and comfortable facilities. Food will be Chinese with some Western fast food available in cities. April temperatures will be from the 50 to the 80s with some humidity possible.


The in-country cost for the 13-day tour will be $1,700. This cost does not include international airfare (estimated $1,200-$1,600 from North America), passport, medical coverage and personal costs like laundry, drinks and snacks outside of meal times and souvenirs/gifts. The amount does include visa, and all other in-China expenses. For those who wish to travel to Xian and Sichuan, the cost is an additional $1,300 (total $3,000).


Please inform MPC of your interest in this learning experience by phone or email.

Registration deadline is October 15, 2009. To ensure your place please register early.

Please contact:
Myrrl Byler
1251 Virginia Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Ph: 540-432-6983


Download the Church in China Learning Tour Brochure [2,830 KB PDF file - Help with PDF files]