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Browsing the web


Web browsers

Using a current browser will ensure that pages display as intended. Users of Netscape 4 particularly should upgrade to a new version of one of the following:


This section describes rules for good e-manners, mostly directed at e-mail and newsgroup use. Many people break these rules unknowingly.

Among other things, good netiquette aims to communicate clearly, and avoid cluttering other people's already busy lives further with unwanted or hard-to-read e-mail.


Standard fonts

Here you can download Verdana and Georgia, two fonts developed specifically for the Internet. They are used by many sites including this one.

Computers without these fonts will substitute another font, displaying a page differently than intended by the designer and sometimes even disturbing layout and appearance significantly.

This page will show you if you have these fonts installed and has them available for download.


Display settings

These tips can help you get the most out of the precious square inches of real estate on your screen.