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Page layout

  • The very top yellow bar has links to the most important navigation helps and links to the five main areas of the site.
    • These main seven areas are also linked at the bottom of each page.
  • The logo always links to the home page.
  • The grey "Location" bar tells you where you are. It also links back to higher level pages. On this page there is a link back to the main Help page
    • The last item in this bar is not a link as it represents the current page.
  • The yellow "What's here" bar above contains a short description or an index of the area you are in.
  • The large green heading above the main body is the page title.
  • The separate inks also appear on each page:
    • Home: links to the home page
    • Search: links to a page with the search tool.
    • Help: links to a page with help for getting around this site, the Internet and basic computer tips, and help with downloading and viewing files.
  • A ^ top link always scrolls you back to the top of the page
  • Each page offers contact information at the bottom. See immediately below.