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Web browsers


By downloading the latest version of your favourite Internet browsing software, you can ensure that this and other sites you view display correctly. Older versions of Netscape, for instance, will make pages look somewhat different. Selecting "About" from your browsers Help menu will tell you what version you are using.

Netscape 7

Netscape invented the web browser, and its version 6 browser is worth checking out. Includes e-mail, web authoring, instant messaging and other plugins. The Mozilla browser below is essentially a leaner, stripped down version popular among computer nerds.

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Internet Explorer 6

The most popular browser, controversial because of Microsoft's practice of bundling it with the Windows operating system.

  • Highly recommended: The Google Toolbar. Google, the world's most popular search engine, has a toolbar that can be integrated with Internet Explorer, allowing you instant access to their search engine at all times. Get it at
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Opera 6

A capable browser, Opera is smaller and faster than its competition. There is a free version that displays advertising. It offers a tabbed window interface, and again, is very fast. Skinnable, offers e-mail, chat and channels, navigation by "mouse gestures" and many keyboard shortcuts, and uses far less memory than any competing browser.

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Mozilla 1.1

This is the browser that Netscape is built around, without some of the clutter but with all the features. It is being developed as open-source project for free by the programming community, similar to the Linux operating system.

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Earth Navigator

This is really more an enhanced interface for Internet Explorer.

This browser offers an integrated search bar, tabbed windows (so all your pages open in one window and letting you switch between them easily).

Earth Navigator also has a virtual globe that sits on your monitor, which you can use to find maps, information about countries, and a wealth of other information.

The free version displays advertising US$ 18 to register.

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