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MennoLetter from Jerusalem


Past issues

October 2007

BY Glenn Edward Witmer, page 1

The End is my Beginning!

“More tightening of the noose produced even greater determination to break free!”


Editorials from past issues

January 2006

Don’t Look, and Don’t Ask!, page 2

Common sense and fairness seem to have drained out of the debate about Palestine/Israel.


July 2006

Lies, Darned Lies, and History, page 3

History is written by the victors.


February 2007  

Doing Unto Others as They Did Unto Us., page 4
A crisis of dishonesty and double-standards is spreading through the body politic.


June 2006

What is Said, What is Not Said, and What is Meant, page 5


June 2007

It’s Time to Count the Horse’s Teeth, page 5

Hard experiences have taught me that any time we criticize Israel, we receive horrendous, angry responses.

March 2006

All’s Fair in Love… But Not War, page 6

The rules that apply on one side must apply to the other [or] they won’t take it anymore.

March 2006

Looking Into Their Eyes, page 7

…as long as soldiers are blocking the entrance to our city, I will not return their greetings.

This is the last issue of MennoLetter from Jerusalem

I have reached the golden age of 65, bringing my retirement from the church agency relationship I began 18 years ago! I will continue to be based in Jerusalem, and will write about my work next time. - Glenn E. Witmer