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Mennonite presence growing online


March 26, 2002
Winnipeg, Man.-In February 2001, slightly over 2,000 visitors clicked through the Mennonite Church Canada web site at

2,000 is a lot, but not as much as the nearly 8,000 visits logged in February 2002. With each visitor requesting about 11 pages on average, also up from the average of 4 pages each last February, these visitors racked up a total of 92,000 hits. Visits from staff at the Mennonite Church Canada office have been filtered out of these statistics.

The increase can be attributed to a constituency that is growing more web-savvy, and a web site that is becoming more user-friendly: in February 2001, one in six links resulted in an error message. That rate, about 17%, has now declined to 0.33%.

In February 2001, MC Canada contracted a part-time webmaster; previously, no dedicated staff time was given to the site. Over the last year the site has become more current, better organized, and with a major redesign launched this February, more attractive and easier to navigate. The site also gets updated more regularly with news, resources, and new areas are being created.

At the Leadership Assembly, representatives of area conferences expressed interest in launching their own web sites. Mennonite Church Eastern Canada is the only area church currently with a site.

MC Canada wants to welcome new members to the family of Mennonite web sites and offers support toward that end where resources allow. This could include some design consultation, help in finding hosts, and permission to use domains based on the domain.

MC Saskatchewan is in the process of registering for its e-mail addresses. Mennonitechurch domains ending in,, and could also be used for area conferences. For congregations, names such as are available free of charge, although MC Canada cannot offer to host congregational sites.