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Equipping Canada a vital ingredient in church life

Some of the contents Equipping Canada recipients receive over the course of a year are displayed by Mennonite Church Canada communications director Dan Dyck.


If you’ve never seen it, ask your pastor or church secretary for it, or test drive it at online.
Highlights in the March issue of Equipping Canada include:
  • Notes from Dan Nighswander (general secretary)
  • Mennonite Church Canada Prayer Requests
  • News from Justina Heese – Executive Secretary, Formation
  • News about the Mennonite Church Canada Youth Assembly July 2002
  • The Parish Paper
  • Reflections from Henry Paetkau (Denominational Minister)
  • Memo from April Yamasaki inviting submissions
  • Resource Updates
  • New resources from Faith and Life
  • Witness Notes
  • Congregational Partnerships: 6 Answers for 6 Questions by Marilyn Houser Hamm
  • Canadian Mennonite – A subscription announcement
  • Mennonite Media: Stories of Hope – a new video series

Winnipeg, Man.— Equipping Canada doesn’t have the popularity of the More with Less cookbook.

In fact, few people outside of church pastors and secretaries have even heard of it. But Mennonite Church Canada staff hopes to change that by extending the table, adjusting the recipe, and adding a few new ingredients.

Equipping Canada is a resource packet sent to congregations ten times per year. It has traditionally included a variety of reports from various MC Canada ministries, a few third-party insertions (the Parish Paper and the New Life Ministries Report), and other newsworthy items, resources, and information for church councils and lay leaders.

"Equipping is a valuable resource linking congregations across Canada. The Prayer Requests and Witness items are regularly included in our weekly bulletin," said Cheryl Dyck, office administrator at Cedar Valley Mennonite Church in British Columbia.

Mennonite Church Canada communications director Dan Dyck hopes that by adding value and regularly promoting Equipping Canada, more "people in the pews" will access this resource more often.

Sherry Mason, bulletin editor and member at Avon Mennonite Church in Stratford, Ontario said, "As a bulletin editor, I appreciate the convenience of being able to copy the Witness notes from the Mennonite Church Canada website and paste them directly into our weekly bulletin. This is an easy and valuable way to keep the worshippers at Avon informed about what they are supporting financially and how to pray."

Two new (and regular) features will be notes from the desk of the general secretary (Dan Nighswander) and a reflective meditation piece by the denominational minister (Henry Paetkau). In addition, Equipping Canada will become much more widely accessible by posting (non-copyright protected) materials on the church’s web site (see Resources» Equipping). And, the schedule is being bumped-up in hopes to get it out to churches a bit earlier in the month than has been the practice in the past.

Strengthening the purpose and intent of Equipping Canada is one way for Mennonite Church Canada to "be missional in assisting others on their missional journey," says Dyck. "Maybe we can cook Equipping Canada into a full-course spiritual meal.

"If you haven’t seen it," he urges, "ask your pastor, church secretary, or mail collector to circulate it, or visit the MC Canada web site."

Three things you should know Equipping Canada:

Equipping Canada is an information packet sent to all Mennonite Church Canada congregations ten times per year. There are (at least!) three things you should know about Equipping Canada:

  • It’s chock full of great resources, ideas, and news for all 250 Mennonite Church Canada congregations.
  • It’s now available online at
  • It’s for anyone and everyone: lay leaders, Sunday school teachers, small groups, adult education leaders, pastors, treasurers, church councils, youth and young adult leaders, worship leaders, and perhaps even you!