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April/May Equipping alert


Winnipeg, Man.— The April/May issue of Equipping Canada is in the mail! (Equipping Canada is an information packet sent to all Mennonite Church Canada congregations ten times per year.)

One recipient recently wrote, "Just a quick note to say that I was quite inspired/moved by the material in the latest Equipping packet… From your opening reference to spring & new beginnings, to the Notes from the General Secretary about the Risen Christ & resurrection implications in our work, to the reflections from the Denominational Minister on praying/living peace in the midst of war, and the enclosed copy of Vision which beckons me to read about & practice hospitality, I had a sense of moving towards a new ‘lightness of being’ in the midst of my daily living."

Equipping Canada offers resources, ideas, and news for all 250 Mennonite Church Canada congregations. It’s for anyone and everyone: lay leaders, Sunday school teachers, small groups, adult education leaders, pastors, treasurers, church councils, youth and young adult leaders, worship leaders, and perhaps even you!
If you’ve never seen it, ask your pastor or church secretary for it, or test drive it at Highlights in the April/May issue of Equipping Canada include:

  • A resurrection reflection by general secretary Dan Nighswander
  • "Humans as just another weapon of war"; reflection by denominational minister Henry Paetkau
  • The Parish Paper
  • Resource Centre Updates for Church Council Members and Pastors and Worship Planners
  • Invitation to Making Peace with the Land, a two day conference (July 2-3) on faith, food, and farming
  • Invitation to join MC Canada Witness Prayer Net
  • Invitation to engage in a Multi-Cultural Consultation on July 7th
  • Report from Witness executive secretary – Robert J. Suderman
  • New Life Ministries Report: Leadership & Management
  • Witness Notes
  • Mennonite Church Canada Prayer Requests for the month of May
  • Annual Assembly – Registration Material announcements
  • Mennonite Mutual Aid - Churchwide Stewardship Council Meeting
  • CMBC and AMBS; Vision – A Journal for Church and Theology
  • Faith and Life Resources Catalog