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Winnipeg, Man-MennoniteChurch.CA just keeps growing. New features are being added in the form of "portals"-short web addresses that offer links to various related pages in different areas of the web site. New portals at present include /bulletins/, /serve/ and /talkabout/ (*note: these addresses are all lowercase).
: This page pulls together links to the various church bulletin resources available on the Mennonite Church Canada web site. This presently includes weekly prayer requests, Witness Notes (updates from your mission program), and an opportunity to subscribe to PrayerNet.

PrayerNet offers information on and prayer requests for international Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers. Because some workers are placed in sensitive political situations, PrayerNet is not offered online, but is available to via e-mail.

**For more information or to join PrayerNet, contact Kathy Fast at MC Canada (1-866-888-6785) or e-mail: Fast reports that there are currently about 8,000 members across Canada participating in PrayerNet. This page introduces visitors to the broad range of short term service opportunities offered by MC Canada, including Mennonite Voluntary Service, Service Adventure, Youth Venture, Group Venture and WISE (WItness and SErvice) projects.

The "serve" page offers a quick online form allowing visitors to express interest in short term service. Answering a few quick questions will enable MC Canada staff to respond promptly to help inquirers explore the most suitable service options. MC Canada hopes voluntary service will be an attractive option this year in Ontario especially, where the elimination of grade thirteen will mean double the competition for university admissions. This page leads the visitor to our online discussion forum. A special Annual Assembly forum will allow participation in the assembly by people across the country. Delegates will be able to post reports of what is happening, and review comments posted by others not at the assembly.

Some other changes:

  • Save your fingers: the "www" is now optional, which means less typing and fewer errors for those who inadvertently leave it off.
  • We continue to receive more links to congregational web sites and are adding them to Is your church listed there?
  • Traffic continues to grow steadily, and at around 1,500 hits per day is approximately five times what it was a year ago.

** PrayerNet information updated April 8, 2004