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New recording tells what it's like "When God's in Charge"

    Celia Enns


October 21, 2002

God’s love is for everybody
Everyone around the world
Me and you and all God’s children
From across the street to around the world…
We are partners all together in God’s great big wonderful plan.


Winnipeg, Man.—These words set the mood for a joyful and inspiring new recording by Bryan Moyer-Suderman entitled God’s Love Is for Everybody – Songs for Small and Tall.

The jacket says it is “a collection of songs a collection of songs that celebrates God’s great project in the world and invites everyone, small and tall and in-between, to join in.”

As an educator and a parent of two daughters ages 6 and 8, I’m really excited about the content and integrity of this recording. It represents solid theology taught through song and accompanied by beautiful instrumentation. My daughters are learning several of these songs at church and their enthusiasm affirms for me this collaborative project by Moyer-Suderman, Mennonite Church Canada, and Faith & Life Resources.

To that end, Moyer–Suderman delivers singable interpretations of New Testament stories. The songs relate the lives of ordinary Biblical folks who make mistakes and are unsure of themselves, yet remind us that God wants to be our friend and join us on our journey. These songs are a wonderful blend of story and theology that reflects who we are as a church, and helps us teach our children about God’s goodness and faithfulness.

In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist [he plays guitar, banjo, pan flutes, accordion, quena (wood flute), charango, and some percussion instruments on the album] Moyer-Suderman is also an engaging storyteller. Throughout the recording, Moyer-Suderman reminds us that we are all “disciples-in-training”. What this means for followers of Christ is explored in several ways throughout the seventeen songs on this album. Ten of the tracks are Moyer-Suderman originals; others are familiar tunes that have been reworked into refreshing, upbeat versions. Some songs feature children singing, others a complement of musicians, and yet others are Moyer-Suderman solos.

The title track (God’s Love Is for Everybody ) describes the essence of who we are and what we do as Anabaptists seeking to embrace the whole gospel. In addition to folk and bluegrass styles you will find an Appalachian gospel song, In the Highways, In the Hedges. There is the lively and upbeat Tus Manos, Señor sung in a Latin American style accompanied by Andean pan flutes. The singable When God’s in Charge paints a plain language picture of all that life can be “when God’s in charge.” Restyled but familiar selections such as This Little Light of Mine round out the album. The variety suddenly takes you to another place – a reminder that we share a faith with people of other cultures and languages around the world.

The album closes with the Sending Song of blessing. The swelling crescendo of instrumentation accompanies each one of us out into the mystery of the unknown, strengthened by the knowledge that God’s Spirit and presence goes with us.

The entire package should appeal to a variety of audiences. The story-songs remind us that when we follow Jesus, we are the church together, wherever we go. The message is the same for each one of us, tall and small, on this journey of becoming more Christ-like.

God’s Love Is for Everybody will be a preferred item on my Christmas gift-giving list this year.

In addition, the project creators have developed a supplementary educational guide that widens the application of Moyer-Suderman’s music and offers complementary ideas and resources for Christian educators for use in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Clubs, and family worship.

Celia Enns

The album and resource supplement will be distributed through Faith & Life Resources and its Provident Book Stores. Orders can be placed by calling toll free 1-800-743-2484.