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It just gets easier to give


November 21, 2002
by Daniel Rempel

Winnipeg, Man.—A new electronic fund transfer service now provides an attractive and easy way to make monthly donations to the ministries of Mennonite Church Canada.

Designed for monthly donors, the service encourages regular donations in an amount chosen by the donor to be made directly and automatically from the donor’s bank account.

“This offers many advantages to donors and their supported ministries,” said Al Rempel, director of resource development. Smaller, regular donations are more attractive for some donors than large, single contributions at the year end, a time when some already feel the budget pinch of Christmas shopping.

The donor also avoids any fees associated with writing cheques, and has a more consistent, ongoing relationship with the ministries they support. Rempel said this is “a great way to help people connect in an ongoing way with the ministries that are impacting lives through their support.”

More regular contributions also represent a more stable, predictable funding stream for the joint ministries of Mennonite Church Canada, simplifying budgeting just as it does for the donor.

“Donations of $20 or less per month all come together in significant ways to make our vision and mission a reality,” said Rempel.

Those interested can request a form from Al Rempel by calling toll-free 1-866-888-6785, or download it from The form outlines terms and conditions designed to protect donors and ensure that their wishes are honoured correctly. Together with a blank, voided cheque it can be submitted to the MC Canada office to set up the service.