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Connect with Mennonites in Colombia


June 4, 2003
-by Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man.—If you’ve ever wanted to connect with Mennonites in another country or culture, now is your chance.

This fall, Irene and Jack Suderman (executive secretary, MC Canada Witness) will lead a delegation of up to 14 people to explore Mennonite faith in action in Colombia. The Sudermans served with the former Commission on Overseas Mission in Colombia from 1989 to 1994.

Delegation leaders say participants will be inspired by meeting Christians and members of the deeply committed and in-pursuit-of-peace Mennonite Church of Colombia. “Mennonites in Colombia are in many ways today’s Christian pioneers of peace on a deeply conflicted spiritual frontier,” says Suderman. “Anyone joining us can expect to be changed, to be a different person when they return.”

Suderman hopes the travel/learning experience will help pave the way for enhancing or creating partnerships between the Colombian and Canadian church. Participants in a similar trip in 2001 repeatedly asked, “How can there be so much vision when there are so few resources?” he said.

According to promotional material, participants will experience the lives and work of Anabaptist Christians in Colombia, see how the Mennonite Church of Colombia responds to society, interact with both rural and urban congregations, explore sister-congregation relationships from a Colombian perspective, be embraced by the Colombian culture and people, and learn about existing MC Canada Witness partnerships.

The expedition is being coordinated by Al Rempel, director of resource development for MC Canada. The deadline for registration is July 31, with some possibility for extension in uncertain situations.

The 12-day trip is scheduled for November 13 – November 25, 2003. The cost of the experience is estimated at $3000 - $3500 CDN per person. A portion of this cost will be tax deductible. The cost will include most travel and accommodation expenses.

To register or learn more, contact Al Rempel at 1-866-888-6785 (email: