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Reaching out to men a special ministry in Macau


November 4, 2003
- Dan Dyck

Paul Ng and Janet Li

Members of Macau Mennonite Church gather for a rooftop BBQ and house blessing above Paul Ng’s new apartment.

Macau — In Macau, there seem to be more women than men in church and the Macau Mennonite Church is no exception.

George and Tobia Veith, Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers, minister alongside other Christians in Macau. They have been praying for the men of Macau. George is encouraged by help from Joseph and Janet Li, a young couple ‘on loan’ for a year from another church.

The Lis, members of the Assembly of God Church in Macau, had been praying about where God would use them to encourage another church. They began attending Macau Mennonite twice a month and soon were attending almost every week. Joseph now aids in translation, and both are sensitive to praying with others, encouraging people, and bringing people to church.

Joseph recently invited George to accompany him on a pastoral visit. Paul Ng, the man they visited, had known the Lis for several years. “As the conversation progressed,” wrote Tobia in a recent letter, “it was apparent that Paul was very ready to accept and follow Jesus, which he did that night.”

Since then, Ng has expressed his desire to be baptized. On Nov. 2, church brothers and sisters gathered on the roof of his new apartment building for a barbeque and a house blessing on his new apartment home below. Tobia reports that, “He had thrown out his household idols and with Joshua declared, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’. In his own sincerely captivating style, Paul shared how Jesus is touching and transforming his life.”