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MC Canada: 3rd quarter financial update


Nov 4, 2003
Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man.—A third quarter donation report for MC Canada shows that contributions continue to hold steady at roughly the same levels as last year.

Forecasts anticipated 55.5% of total donation revenue for this time period (Feb 1 – Oct 31); $2,157,000, has been received so far, representing 55.2% of a $3.9 million donation income budget.

Expenses are about 7% under spent for this time period. A complete revenue and expense budget was presented to delegates at this year’s annual assembly in St. Catharines (July 9-13) together with projected budgets for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

MC Canada FYE 2003-04, Feb 1 – May 31 Donation Summary

Year to Date Target
Year to Date Actual
Annual Donation Target
Donation Income