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Prayer: In the Peace of Christ


December 01, 2003
- by Dan Dyck

Prayer: In the Peace of Christ, cover
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Winnipeg, Man.—I imagine my local community weekly paper is much like its siblings across Canada.

It’s mostly filled with advertising for local businesses, seasonal newswire fluff, and light editorial content. But every now and then this little free paper carries a local editorial gem. In a recent issue of a Winnipeg weekly, columnist Rick Johnson reflected on Remembrance Day: “There is no glory in war. Only peace is glorious,” he writes. He questions why we have a holiday that remembers war, but not one that glorifies peace. Why, indeed.

How might Christians celebrate a government approved Peace Day holiday? Reading through Melissa Miller’s Prayer: In the Peace of Christ gives me some ideas. Miller is a mother, wife, writer, public speaker, and family counseling practitioner. She is also the author of this year’s prayer week resource from Mennonite Church Canada.

“Peace is power. The key to staying tuned to that power is prayer, a gift of God that enables us to draw on our spiritual resources to claim peace for ourselves and to preach it to others,” she writes.

In this five-session booklet, Miller blends stories from the heart of her own experience with a solid scriptural foundation. She writes about what peace making means on a personal level, and its deeply rooted, symbiotic connection to an active, intentional prayer life. “Prayer helps remind us of our place in the heart of God.”

Replete with personal as well as family experience and solid tools to enhance prayer life, Miller succeeds in creating a comprehensive reminder and connection with the source of peace found in Christ. Her work also represents a wonderful affirmation of what Mennonites often see as their unique call to be a peace church. Editors have added helpful hymns and song references, questions for discussion and reflection, and community peace building suggestions.

Anyone planning an official Peace Day holiday celebration would do well to consult this work. May it find a home in many congregations this coming year.

A copy of Prayer: In the Peace of Christ was sent to every MC Canada congregation in the December/January edition of Equipping Canada. Additional copies may be ordered from the MC Canada Resource Centre at 1-866-888-6785.