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Resourcing MC Canada – on-line


December 01, 2003
- Dan Dyck

Screen capture of MC Canada’s new on-line Resource Centre
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Winnipeg, Man.—MC Canada’s Resource Centre has now listed its complete holdings on-line and has a brand new web interface that allows users to order loans on-line.

Until recently, only the most recent 5 years worth of holdings was listed.

Sharon Brown, interim Resource Centre Manager said, “Our job is to help equip congregations and leaders for their ministry by providing resources. I believe the new website will really help us share that role with more congregations across Canada in an efficient way.” Users can access the web site at

Resource Centre holdings include videos, topical files, periodicals, books, games, educational kits, audio cassettes and CDs. Users can search by subject, title, author, and audience – an important factor when you’re trying to find material targeted for a specific age group. By registering as a user, you can also arrange to have items shipped directly to you.

While the on-line catalogue is helpful, Brown says a big part of the Resource Centre’s role lies in consulting. “Many of our holdings represent very unique and specialized items, written with Anabaptist and Mennonite perspectives - material one isn’t likely to find in a public or even church library. As a result, much our work lies in helping people find what they need, for example, to support a Sunday school lesson, or get informed about Anabaptist Mennonite points of view on a broad range of topics.” She encourages users to call the toll free number for consultation help (1-866-888-6785).

Meanwhile, Justina Heese, who oversees the Christian Formation program area of MC Canada and is ultimately responsible for the Resource Centre, is quietly delighted with the development of the web site tools. “The Formation Council has been reviewing and reevaluating the mandate of the Resource Centre. We’re asking ourselves, where do we want to go with this unique asset in the future? How can we extend its services to more congregations, more pastors, more lay leaders? I think we’re part of the way there with these new web tools.”