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Partnership Agreement with the Canadian Mennonite


December 08, 2003
Mennonite Church Canada/Canadian Mennonite Joint Release

Winnipeg, Man./Waterloo, Ont.— In an effort to build on the relationship MC Canada has with Canadian Mennonite, the denomination and magazine have developed an Editorial Partnership Agreement. The document also serves to help readers understand the nature of that relationship.

The agreement was approved by MC Canada’s Support Services Council during its October, 2003, meetings, and by the Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service in November. It was received and acknowledged by the General Board at its November 6-8 meetings. The impetus for the agreement comes out of a new document that guides MC Canada’s communication efforts (Guide to Communications in Mennonite Church Canada, 64 pp.).

"The Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service is pleased that Canadian Mennonite continues in partnership with Mennonite Church Canada to promote the work of the missional church in Canada and beyond. In our increasingly diverse Christian communities, Canadian Mennonite is needed to help us hear each other and be reminded of our common task of proclaiming our faith in the risen Christ,” said Henry Neufeld, chair of the Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service.

The agreement contains a useful description of Canadian Mennonite: “Some readers perceive that the magazine carries ‘the official voice’ of the denomination. The magazine is better understood as carrying the voices of MC Canada, including the voices of denominational leaders, but as a whole is not the official voice of the denomination.” MC Canada and its area conferences fund roughly half of the magazine's budget through an every-home subscription plan.

The agreement outlines some expectations the denomination has of the magazine in seeking to enhance an already collaborative relationship, rooted in the magazine’s mission statement of seeking “… to promote covenantal relationships within the church (Hebrews 10: 23-25).”

“It’s important we have a vehicle for communication that is open and respectful of various voices, while promoting a unifying understanding of what the church is about. This agreement helps to define more clearly our relationship at a time when some of our members are asking questions about the role of Canadian Mennonite,” said general secretary, Dan Nighswander.

Dan Dyck, director of communications for MC Canada, added, “The Canadian Mennonite plays a critical role in helping MC Canada communicate with its individual members and congregations. The magazine carries MC Canada news releases on a variety of issues. It publishes stories we develop and write about mission workers, helping to build support for these ministries. It helps promote denominational resources. And it connects congregations across Canada with stories about how people are seeking to live out their faith. I would encourage everyone to read it regularly as a way of staying in touch with wider church happenings and understanding how we do together what we cannot do alone.”

The Editorial Partnership Agreement, can be accessed via Mennonite.pdf. [119 KB PDF file - Help with PDF files] Canadian Mennonite readers can preview each issue about one week prior to post delivery by visiting