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Explosive experience in Colombia


May 17, 2004

Winnipeg, Man.— Rudy and Helen Baergen, Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers in Colombia, recently wrote about an explosive experience near their home on May 2. Rudy writes:

“We’re sitting here feeling a little shaken up this evening. A couple of huge bombs went off just three blocks away. The first one went off, shook our windows and startled us good. Then about five minutes later, another went off as big as the first. The target was the Proteción Social building three blocks up. We often walk there and I planned on walking by there tomorrow morning. The good thing is that they obviously chose a time when there wouldn’t be a lot of pedestrians. Early reports are that eight people were seriously hurt. It was kind of a weird feeling to watch the ambulances leaving from our living room window as well as on the television. There are a several apartment blocks within a block or two so there may have been more injuries from broken windows.”

The Baergens will soon end their term and move to Winnipeg where Rudy will become pastor at Bethel Mennonite Church.