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WOW! What a draw!


July 30, 2004
- Dan Dyck


l-r: Janet Plenert (executive director, International Ministries), Kathy Fast (executive assistant, Witness, and Al Rempel (director, resource development) launch the WOW! What a Draw! contest at the Mennonite Church Canada annual assembly in Winkler, Man. this past July.

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Winnipeg, Man.— Todd and Jeanette Hanson, Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers, are inviting guests to visit them in Nanchong, China. What’s more, a trip for one person could be free.

The catch is that those wishing to take them up on the offer must enter a contest, explaining why they want to visit. The invitation is being made possible because of a $2,000 travel gift certificate to Mennonite Church Canada Witness from Winnipeg’s Bonaventure Travel.

But Nanchong, China is not the only possible destination. With about 90 workers in 39 countries, there are possibilities to visit workers in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. Director of Resource Development Al Rempel suggests that, “This is one great way to enjoy an international experience and get more closely connected to ministry we support together as a country-wide church in Canada.”

Along with a name and address contestants are asked to submit a story in 300 words or less stating why they want to visit an international ministry worker on the entry form. Information about locations and workers can be found in Mennonite Church Canada’s new prayer directory, entitled “World of Witness”, distributed to congregational delegates at the annual assembly in Winkler this past July. The winner must spend a minimum of one day with an international Witness worker.

There are also second and third prizes. Entry forms and details can be found at The draw will take place on Nov. 1, 2004.

Sidebar: Top 10 reasons to visit Nanchong, China:

(submitted by Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers Todd and Jeanette Hanson)

10. I’d like to see the Hanson’s new cushion covers.

9. I’ve always wanted to negotiate a narrow mud pathway separating two rice paddies.

8. I’d like to try an “Old Beijing Peking Duck Wrap” at Nanchong’s new KFC®

7. I want to get a thirty-cent haircut.

6. I’d like to be a celebrity and attract attention wherever I go.

5. I have too much whole-wheat flour on hand and would like to deliver some to the Hansons.

4. I’d like a chance to go on an outing with the Climbing Association of the Outdoors of Nanchong.

3. I can’t find Nanchong in any travel guides and want to make sure Jeanette and Todd haven’t just been putting us on all these years.

2. I’d like to meet the Hanson’s friends, neighbours, students, co-workers, and all the other people in their neighbourhood.

1. I’d like to go to the Nanchong Church before it’s torn down.