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Launched: Healing and Hope appeal for ministry support


A Healing and Hope Gift Sampler featuring a selection of Mennonite Church Canada ministries will be in every issue of Canadian Mennonite. The sampler features a range of gift giving opportunities, from as little as $7.50 and up to $1,000.

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May 3, 2005
-by Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man.— Mennonite Church Canada is launching an invitation for ministry support called “Healing and Hope.”

The first component of the multi-phase plan – a poster – has already gone out to congregations. A spring “Gift Sampler” featuring a selection of Mennonite Church Canada ministries is being sent to every home that also receives Canadian Mennonite. Using a quote from a long term mission worker, the Gift Sampler focuses on spiritual need. “You can help a person from cradle to grave, but unless there is a spiritual dimension, a person’s needs are not fully and truly met,” said Han Vandenberg, mission worker in Taiwan for 38 years.

The Gift Sampler features strong images and brief stories that focus on how financial support touches people in meaningful ways and brings “healing and hope” to people in a variety of settings. The gift selection breaks into bite size chunks a wide array of options for donors, sending the message that gifts as small as $7.50 make a difference just as $100 and $500 gifts do.

Al Rempel, director of resource development for Mennonite Church Canada, says, “This ministry appeal is meant to be engaging, presenting opportunities at multiple levels so that everyone can get involved. It’s one step in helping us to meet the number of requests we get for ministry dollars, and helping meet the financial faith commitment of the wider church.”

A web site,, is being launched in parallel with the gift sampler to help widen the audience to those that would not normally visit the denominational web site at The web site also explains how gifts are selected and distributed. Donors can give electronically, phone call or mail using two major credit cards or cheque.

“Building long term, stable support for ministry is an ongoing challenge. We believe this Gift Sampler is a step in building relationships with generous people that will help take us in that direction,” adds Rempel.