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Quorum reached – barely: Mennonite Church Canada


June 10, 2005
- Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man. —After an anxious period of doubt, it is now certain that there will be a quorum of delegates to make decisions at the Mennonite Church Canada annual assembly. As of June 6, a total of 292 Canadian adults have registered – 237 as delegates. Quorum for an MC Canada assembly requires 200 congregational delegates (209 have declared) and 26 area conference delegates (28 have declared).

Canadian youth will be present in higher numbers than adults at the joint Mennonite Church Canada/Mennonite Church USA assembly in Charlotte NC (July 4-9). Twenty-two children and 486 youth have registered, mostly from Ontario and Saskatchewan.

“A number of adults who had registered to attend but had not declared delegate status have now chosen to serve the church as delegates,” said general secretary Dan Nighswander.

Higher travel costs from some regions of Canada are one reason leaders say adult registration has dropped off this year. Since 2000, Canadian assemblies have averaged 582 total adult registrants (417 delegates).

Several opportunities will be available in Charlotte for Canadian delegates to discuss the future of Mennonite Church Canada’s relationship with Mennonite Church USA, including the future of joint assemblies. A joint US/Canada delegate discussion, joint board meeting, and separate Canada and US delegate sessions with youth representation will allow participants to offer counsel.