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Ben Wiebe returns from teaching assignment: India


Ben Wiebe (2nd from right), former pastor of St. Catharines United and Brussels Mennonite Churches in Ontario, has returned from a Mennonite Church Canada Witness special assignment to teach at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (class pictured here) and Union Biblical Seminary in India. Wiebe reports on the graduating class at UBS: “Toward the end of our time sitting together under the stars in a large circle with about 75 graduating students, each came to the microphone to tell about where they were going after graduation. Almost all had some ministry assignment to go to, some to work as chaplains, more to preach and minister in the church, a few to work with AIDS patients in places like Mumbai, some to go out as church planters, etc. It is encouraging and moving to be part of this. God is doing some amazing things in India with some amazing people.” Wiebe’s teaching assignment included a module called the Dead Sea Scrolls, and helping students understand Judaism of the Old and New Testaments, in the context of Jesus’ ministry (at SAIACS) and introductory courses in New Testament (at UBC).