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Financial Update: Mennonite Church Canada


August 22, 2005

Winnipeg, Man. — Leaders say they are thankful to God and givers for Mennonite Church Canada’s financial performance to date. Donation revenue is tracking about 1% ahead of annual projections.

The expense side of the ledger indicates spending is 1.5% less than annual projections, due largely to later-than-planned timing of some expenses.

Donation income for the first half of the fiscal year represents about one-third of total anticipated donations. Typically, two-thirds of donations are received in the second half of the fiscal year.

Leaders are cautiously optimistic, but remain concerned about how the rest of the year will shape up. Some congregations are struggling or are already fully committed for the year, and many donors from the agricultural sector are facing a disastrous year. Church-wide prayers are encouraged for families and congregations struggling to make ends meet.