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Edmonton 2006 assembly dates to shift ahead by 1 day



February 3, 2006
-by Dan Dyck

Mennonite Church Canada assembly planners have decided to shift the assembly dates ahead by one day because a large meeting room had been inadvertently double booked.

Hotel and MC Canada staff considered several alternative possibilities. In the end, MC Canada planners deemed the best option would be to shift the entire event ahead by one day.

It means that for Edmonton 2006, delegates will register on Tuesday, July 4. Opening worship will take place on Tuesday evening. The minister’s conference will take place on Tuesday at Edmonton’s First Mennonite Church. The assembly will close with a communion service on Friday evening, July 7. Delegates who wish to stay for the weekend and worship in a local church on Sunday, July 9 are still invited to do so.

Traditionally, the event has kicked off on Wednesday and ended on Saturday, with invitations to delegates to worship in local churches on Sunday.

The 2006 assembly will be held at the Delta Edmonton South and the adjacent Coast Terrace hotel – the only affordable and adequately sized spaces available in Edmonton for the assembly dates.

Michael Powell, Director of Sales and Catering said it is their practice to hold space for clients as long as possible, even when there is no signed contract in place. Although the Delta had initially indicated that the room was available for the last day of the assembly, it later became evident that another client had previously reserved the space. Powell said, “We regret the oversight, but we remain committed in doing our part to make this event a success.”

Pam Peters-Pries, executive secretary of Mennonite Church Canada’s Support Services and lead staff planner for the event added, “Hotel staff were very forthright in acknowledging the booking conflict, and were very accommodating in helping us find solutions.” Both the Delta Edmonton South and the Coast Terrace are also offering room rates that are very competitive with comparable accommodations in the city.

Watch for updated information at which will be posted as it becomes available.