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IMPaCT Photo Essay


"It is said in Latin America, ‘The church is the only army that kills its wounded.'" - Carlos Gallardo (Chile)

Carlos Gallardo (Chile) helps a senior out to her car in the parking lot at Graysville Mennonite Church. - photo by Kathryn Reimer

Alvin Neufeldt shares an original composition written for his congregation in Paraguay, the Oasis Church. Oasis is a pneumonic, with each letter representing the Spanish word for Prayer, Love, Salvation, Instruction, and Service - the five key priorities of the church.

Host pastor Alburt Durksen and guest Alvin Neufeldt (Paraguay) listen intently as Hutterite Colony member Dora Maendel offers up some reflections on communal living.

Melguizo A. (Spain) shares a song with other IMPaCT guests and hosts. "You don’t just wake up one day and say ‘I’m a heretic’. It takes a long time to become one!" - photo by Dan Dyck

Deusilene Milhomem C. M. (Brazil) expressed surprised disbelief at a comment from a Manitoba host pastor. - Dan Dyck

"This is such a wonderful event! I had no idea our struggles were so similar to churches in other countries!”" - Beatriz Barrios.

The IMPaCT group took a field trip to the Fairholme Hutterite Colony. Hutterites share a spiritual heritage with Mennonites.

Marla Langelotz, (Maniitoba) and her guest Deusilene Milhomem C. M. (Brazil). - photo by Dan Dyck

Manitoba host pastor with guest Beatriz Barrios N. (Uruguay). - photo by Dan Dyck

Carlos Gallardo (Chile) and Alburt Derksen check out souvenier spoons during a visit to the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store in Winnipeg. - photo by Dan Dyck

Alburt Derksen (Manitoba) and guest Agustín Melguizo A. (Spain). - photo by Dan Dyck

Host Norm Dyck (Manitoba) and Carlos Gallardo (Chile), - photo by Dan Dyck

John Braun (Manitoba) holds up a photo of absent guest pastor Alexander Reyna T. (Cuba) who was denied an entry visa into Canada. - photo by Dan Dyck

Guest pastors paid a visit to the Sargent Avenue MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) thrift shop. Agustín Melguizo A. (Spain) has already picked out some neck ties and is eyeing a power supply cord. - photo by Dan Dyck

Rick Fast (Manitoba) with guest pastor Alvin Neufeldt (Paraguay). - photo by Dan Dyck

Deusilene Milhomem C. M. (Brazil) taught the congreagtion of Sargent Mennonite CHurch a new song, complete with actions and Portugese lyrics. - photo by Dan Dyck

Deusilene Milhomem C. M. (Brazil) receives a blessing from Sargennt Avenue Mennonite CHurch on her final Sunday in Canada. - photo by Dan Dyck

Alvin Neufeldt (Paraguay) joins his host pastor Rick Neufeld in song during worship at Altona Bergthaler Mennointe Church. - photo by Jason Driedger

Host pastor Norm Dyck (Manitoba) presents a peace lamp to guest pastor Carlos Gallardo (Chile) on behalf of Gaysville Mennonite Church. -photo by Kathyrn Reimer


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