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Celebration and winding down of Der Bote ministry


For immediate release
September 15, 2006

Winnipeg, Man. — As one of only three remaining German language Mennonite periodicals in North America, Der Bote will celebrate 84 years of publication – and wind down its ministry in June 2008.

For a number of years the editorial staff of Der Bote have been aware that one day the magazine would cease publication.

The number of subscribers has decreased steadily and, although the paper has enjoyed strong financial support from readers, its operation has been subsidized increasingly through a special Der Bote reserve fund. In the mid-1970’s Der Bote enjoyed a high of over 9000 subscribers. Today, there are just 2350 subscribers.

In April 2006, the Der Bote Editorial Committee, along with editor Ingrid Janzen Lamp and Dave Bergen, Executive Secretary for Christian Formation, met to consider the future of the paper,

They eventually reached the decision to bring publication to a close. “The declining number of subscribers along with the reality of shrinking funds led us to the conclusion that Der Bote cannot sustain itself beyond June 2008,” stated Dave Bergen, Executive Secretary for Christian Formation.

Ingrid Janzen Lamp, the current editor, added, “We are grateful for the many people whose gifts, hard work and dedicated prayers have made it possible to continue this ministry for so long,”.

Various ways of continuing to nurture Der Bote readers beyond 2008 are being explored. More information will be shared as it becomes available, said Bergen.

During the final year of publication, the ministry of Der Bote will be celebrated in a series of feature articles highlighting the impact of its ministry over the years. Also, a special Der Bote celebration is planned during the annual Assembly of Mennonite Church Canada, in July 2008.

Founded in 1924 as Der Mennonitische Immigrantenbote in Rosthern, Saskatchewan it later merged with the U.S. based Christlicher Bundesbote in 1947 and became the weekly paper for the former General Conference Mennonite Church as Der Bote. Since the transformation into Mennonite Church Canada in 2000, Der Bote has been a resource ministry of Mennonite Church Canada. Over the years the bi-weekly paper has provided important news, information and spiritual nurture to readers in Canada, as well as the United States, Mexico, South America and Europe.