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Resource advocates available to help churches


(l-r) Jeff Thiessen (Man.), Lisa Carr-Pries (Eastern Canada.), Tracy Brown Ewert (Alta.), and Marion Bueckert (Sask.) are serving as Resource Advocates for Mennonite Church Canada. They invite calls from congregations in their regions to help identify and find help for worship planners, pastors, teachers, and other congregational leaders. Contact information for Resource Advocates can be found at MC Canada is seeking to fill a vacant position in B.C.

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February 16, 2007
- Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man. — Mennonite Church Canada’s Resource Centre just got a little bigger and more personal.

Four volunteers – Lisa Carr-Pries (Eastern Canada.), Jeff Thiessen (Man.), Marion Bueckert (Sask.), Tracy Brown Ewert (Alta.) – are in place and eager to serve as extensions of the MC Canada Resource Centre in Winnipeg. They will help congregations identify and locate faith formation and spiritual nurture resources that can be hard to find. Only one more position, in B.C., needs to be filled.

Resource Centre Manager Arlyn Friesen Epp observes that congregations often work alone, trying to do outreach, faith formation and leadership training by themselves. Resource advocates can help them along on their journey so congregations don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel.

For each area church to have an advocate whom leaders can go to with questions about Mennonite and Anabaptist resources helps personalize ministry planning for congregations. They are available to assist leaders as they sift through the vast array of resources available and are ready to listen to how Mennonite Church Canada and area churches can do their best to strengthen congregational ministries. It is an efficient way to support congregations in each region, in partnership with the area churches.

Advocate Tracy Brown Ewert, is excited about having an opportunity to strengthen the church. “Exploring resources for the church, and dreaming about what can be done with those resources in the church is a favorite pass time of mine. Staff at [MC Canada and Mennonite Publishing Network] have a deep desire to serve God by equipping the larger congregation of believers and the families and individuals within. My hope is that congregations and individuals will increase their awareness of what MC Canada and MPN offer. Both strive to resource congregations with material that is faithful to our Anabaptist/Mennonite theological convictions.”

Friesen Epp adds that by more widely sharing books, videos, and studies, more congregations can have better access to Mennonite and Anabaptist specific material. “This helps us better embrace and pass on our core Mennonite-Anabaptist values to the next generation and to others in our wider circles,” he says, noting the powerful stories he hears from those who come from other faith traditions and how much they appreciate Anabaptist theology.

“It’s more important than ever to learn about and strengthen our distinctive values, things we hold dear, such as our peace theology, our yearning to be strong disciples of Jesus, our desire to share with others the reconciling love expressed in the gospel,” said Friesen Epp.

MC Alberta
Resource Advocate
Tracy Brown Ewert 403-337-5850;

MC Saskatchewan
Resource Advocate
Marion Bueckert 306-759-2191;

MC Manitoba
Resource Advocate
Jeff Thiessen 204-637-2244;

MC Eastern Canada
Resource Advocate
Lisa Carr-Pries 519-888-1943 (h), 519-664-2268 (w);

MC Canada
Resource Advocate Coordinator
Arlyn Friesen Epp 1-866-888-6785, ext #152;

Mennonite Publishing Network
Eleanor Snyder 1-800-631-6535;