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Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia: May 20-21


May 1, 2007
- Dan Dyck

Bogotá, Colombia — Churches in Colombia are calling for their North American sisters and brothers to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in their country.

Colombia is home to the world’s second largest internally displaced population, after Sudan. The region has been devastated by a 50+ year internal war which claims an average of 3,000 lives a year. Colombia is also a world leader in the recruitment of child soldiers for its various paramilitary and illegal armed groups.

In early March, the leadership of Mennonite Church Canada received a letter from three Anabaptist groups in Colombia.

The letter began by thanking Canadian Mennonites for their support over the years. It also exhorted Canadian Mennonites to challenge the Canadian government on its policy of unconditional support of the Colombian government in its negotiations with paramilitary groups, and to advocate for federal legislation to better govern Canadian multi-national firms involved in the resource extraction industry in Colombia – which in turn increases the number of displaced persons.

The Colombian Mennonite Church, the Mennonite Brethren Church, and Brethren in Christ are now asking Canadian Mennonites to participate in Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia from May 20-21.

Materials sent by Colombian Mennonites for Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia ask Canadian Mennonites to “Join Us… Pray for Peace… Act for Peace… and Be a Witness for Peace in Colombia.” The materials can be found at