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Always at home with God


February 11, 2008
- Deborah Froese

BORABU, Thailand — After three years of general study at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), Leah Buermeyer recently embarked on a trip to Thailand where she will participate in a four-month internship assignment, a joint appointment through Mennonite Church Canada (MC Canada) Witness and the CMU practicum program. She will be serving at the Living Water Church in Borabu, teaching English and working closely with Pat and Rad Houmphan, MC Canada Witness workers.

Since her arrival, Leah has been busy meeting local people, taking Thai language lessons and helping to build a fence for the newly constructed Living Water Church building in Borabu. “The people here are all very kind to me,” she writes in an email message. “I often wish I could repay the kindness that they show to me, but I find it hard not being able to speak the language.”

Being immersed in unfamiliar surroundings can be difficult. During her first Sunday morning church service, Leah felt overwhelmed – until the singing began. “They were singing in Thai of course, but some of the songs I knew in English. As I was singing quietly in English, I had this sudden feeling of being home. I realized that even though I am half way around the world, I am always at home with God. We were all praising the same God, one who understands all languages, and different ways of praising and expression.” Leah found comfort in that realization. “[It’s] a feeling I will never forget.”

Leah is a member of the First Baptist Church in Neepawa, Man. She will be in Borabu until the end of May.