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General Secretary invited to serve 2nd term


May 9, 2008
- Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man. — The General Board of Mennonite Church Canada has invited Robert J. Suderman to serve a second term as General Secretary during meetings here, April 18-19.

A statement released by moderator Henry Krause and signed by the Review Committee said that, “… the General Board strongly affirms the outstanding work of the Robert J. Suderman and have invited him to serve a second term in his position as General Secretary of Mennonite Church Canada.”

Suderman has accepted the invitation acknowledging that there are some details that still need to be defined.

In a statement that summarized the process, the Review Committee said it surveyed General Board members who represented area church leaders, council chairs and members, executive committee members, and staff that report directly to the General Secretary.

The statement also said, “In all the responses, Jack has met and exceeded expectations as General Secretary. He has consistently shown leadership and vision which has served Mennonite Church Canada well. His commitment to the church in all its various forms in the Mennonite constituency and in the wider Christian community, locally and globally, is valued and deeply appreciated.”

The Review Committee comprised Henry Krause, Moderator; Hilda Hildebrandt, Member at Large; Garth Ewert-Fisher, Assistant Moderator; Don Friesen, Secretary; Gordon Peters, Treasurer; Andrew Reesor-McDowell, Member at Large