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Civil unrest in Thailand worries workers


December 5, 2008
- Dan Dyck

Borabur, Thailand — Pat and Rad Houmphan, Mennonite Church Canada Witness/Mennonite Mission Network workers in Thailand, have expressed concern about political stability in Thailand.

Recently the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) ceased control of two international airports in Bangkok, stranding thousands of tourists and domestic travelers. They demanded – and got – a dissolution of three major political parties in Thailand, said Pat.

Though the action has ended and air service has resumed, the Houmphans expressed concern about ongoing political stability in the country. In an email, Pat wrote that while calm prevailed outside of Bangkok, he is concerned that the PAD will again attempt to remove whatever new government succeeds the ousted regime.

“The confrontation is in intermission. The crisis is far from over. This political crisis is hurting the Thailand economy and tourism business badly. We need to remember to pray for Thailand that the crisis will not turn into [more] civil unrest or civil war,” wrote Houmphan.