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Mennonite Church Canada responds to “A Common Word” web site


April 14, 2009|
- Dan Dyck, from reports

WINNIPEG, Man. — Mennonite Church Canada leaders have sent a letter to Muslim leaders of the website at The web site is self described as “An initiative by Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals from many different countries, denominations and schools of thought” advocating for dialogue and understanding between Muslims and Christians.

In an email exchange, Rudy Baergen, Chair of MC Canada’s Faith and Life Committee, said, “The Muslim scholars who wrote the letter took this initiative in the interests of Muslims and Christians working toward world peace. The Mennonite Church has constantly affirmed that world peace is God’s will and we have put much energy and many resources into promoting peace. It seemed quite appropriate that we would join other Christian voices in encouraging such an initiative of dialogue between the Muslim and Christian family.”

The Muslim initiative has inspired a variety of respondents, ranging from Mennonite Church USA to the Archbishop of Canterbury, from Gordon Brown the Prime Minister of England to the World Evangelical Alliance.

Attendees interested in learning more will be invited to lunch time discussion at the MC Canada Assembly in Saskatoon (June 5-7). MC Canada’s letter of response can be found at At the time of writing, MC Canada’s response letter had not yet been posted to