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Mission workers return to Korea


On behalf of Mennonite Church Canada, Hun (right) and Sunny Lee (middle) are presented with a peace lamp for Onnuri Community Church by Gordon Janzen (left).

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December 18, 2009
-Deborah Froese

Winnipeg, MB — Hun and Sunny Lee will return to South Korea as Mennonite Church Canada Mission Associates. The couple have been active mission workers in Canada for thirteen years, bringing Anabaptist theology to South Korean immigrants to Canada. The couple was commissioned for their service assignment on Nov. 29, 2009 at Trinity Mennonite Church in Calgary.

Thirteen years ago, Hun was a pastor in the large Onnuri Community Church in Seoul. With the support and encouragement of that congregation, he and his wife Sunny came to Canada to nurture Korean fellowships.

In Canada, Hun studied at CMBC where he adopted Anabaptist theology. Over the years he planted several Anabaptist Korean fellowships: Charleswood MC (Winnipeg, Man.), Vision MC (London, Ont.), Sherbrooke MC (Vancouver, B.C.), and Trinity MC (Calgary, Alta.). In addition to his church-planting ministry, Hun also served as a member of Mennonite Church Canada’s Witness Council for a number of years.

Gordon Janzen, Mennonite Church Canada’s Mission Partnership Facilitator for Asia & the Middle East participated in the commissioning service. He expressed his wish to maintain the close relationship that has developed between the Lees, the Onnuri church and Mennonite Church Canada. On behalf of Mennonite Church Canada, Janzen presented the Lees with a peace lamp for the Onnuri church as a symbol of gratitude for Onnuri’s support of Hun and Sunny during their work in MC Canada congregations.

Janzen noted that Hun Lee focused on encouraging the growth of Korean fellowships within the English milieu rather than creating separate Korean congregations, and that in addition to supporting Hun in his work, Sunny found ministry among underprivileged people.

“During these years, the Lees have been supported by Onnuri, but now they have been called back and we want to bless their new ministry in recognition of their support in our midst,” Janzen said.

Erwin Wiens, pastor of Trinity MC, noted that one sign of a healthy congregation is when it sends people out in ministry.

“I think that this commissioning service was a good sign of Trinity’s health,” Janzen remarked. “It has enlarged its heart to include the Korean community in their midst, the Laotian community in their midst, and now they have blessed Hun and Sunny for this work in Seoul.”

Upon his return to Seoul, Hun will take on a key leadership role with Onnuri. Sunny is planning to engage in a program for Asian refugees including those from North Korea.