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Announcing Engagement


July 16, 2010
-Deborah Froese

Calgary, Alta.  “Now that you’re engaged, when is the wedding?”

That was the comment received by incoming Executive Secretary of Church Engagement, Norm Dyck, after by-law changes were approved on Wednesday to make way for the new council.

In a Friday morning introduction to the function of the new Church Engagement Council, Dyck drew from Assembly theme text, Col. 3:17, 1 Cor. 9:24 and Ephesians 6:10. They shout missional formation he said; “the psycho social, community transformative, heart and mind challenging and inspirational vision of God for his church…this is about remembering who we are and whose we are. May I be so bold as to declare that this is the ultimate purpose of the church and this is the reason for Church Engagement.”

The core activities and ministry responsibilities of Church Engagement include:

  • Working closely with congregations and Area Churches in the area of Missional Formation
  • Developing national and international ministry and worker partnerships with your congregations
  • Guiding, strategizing and directing the communications ministry of the national church
  • Engaging and inviting the financial investment, support and stewardship of individuals, the business community and congregations in the church-building ministries that God has called us to

“What is not in the details of the necessarily broad wording of bylaws,” Dyck said, “is that Church Engagement is our response to your request for more.” He applied “more” to congregational visits, engagement in the ministry and vocation of the church, opportunities to listen, to share to challenge and inspire. Dyck said that the creation of Church Engagement was also a way to become more attentive and invitational to ongoing stewardship and investment in the ministries that God has called us to do together.

“What could it mean for your congregation to become a global church? Where do you need assistance, inspiration, education, in forming a people of God or growing leaders in your congregation?...Call us,” Dyck urged.

“Whether it’s your congregation, Area Churches or the National Church,” Dyck concluded, “we are all stronger when we work together.”