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Pledging support


Waldo Neufeld initiated a pledge drive at Mennonite Church Canada’s Spring Leadership Assembly, which raised over $15,000 from board and council members.”If we believe in what the church is doing, we need to support it,” he said. Neufeld, (right) and fellow Witness Council members Irene Crosland and Bock Ki Kim review documents during the meeting.

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March 15, 2011
-Deborah Froese

Winnipeg, MAN. — Over $15,000 in pledges were raised by the members of Mennonite Church Canada councils and boards during the Spring Leadership Assembly which took place March 2-4 in Winnipeg.

The call for this group of volunteers who are already so generous with their time to pledge financial support came from Waldo Neufeld, a member of Witness Council. When asked what prompted the idea, he said that over his years of working for the church he has come to feel that “…if we believe in what the church is doing, we need to support it.”

Neufeld went on to say that he believes that financial contributions from board members and staff give those who are engaged  in resource development an edge when they go to constituents asking for money.  “It can be a real encouragement.”