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Mennonite Church Canada negotiates special rate


August 19, 2011
-Dan Dyck, with reports from Christian Week

Winnipeg, Man. — Willard Metzger, General Secretary of Mennonite Church Canada is inviting you to a Global Leadership Summit – but you don’t have to be an official leader to attend.

He says the Sept. 29-30 simulcast conference will be a great way for churches to kick-off the fall. “We’ve been able to negotiate a $99 registration rate for up to 100 participants, a 60% discount, for pastors, and anyone really, from Mennonite Church Canada who wishes to attend,” said Metzger.  

Metzger says the event will encourage, inspire, and strengthen pastors and lay leaders. The Summit will include an interview with Reginald Bibby, University of Lethbridge sociologist specializing in religion, and presentations by Seth Godin (bestselling author and marketing blogger), Mama Maggie Gobran (Nobel Peace Prize nominee and founder and CEO Stephens Children Ministry) – and much more.

Scott Cochrane, Executive Director at Willow Creek, told Christian Week that this year’s event will have content tailored to Canadians. “We’re going to use this event to have essentially a leaders’ heart-to-heart talk, a real sense of instilling hope and vision into what God is doing already in the Church in Canada,” said Cochrane.

The Summit, sponsored by Leadership Centre of Willow Creek Canada, is in its 11th year. Max Canada insurance is helping to offset costs for Mennonite Church Canada participants. For details and to qualify for the $99 rate, visit, or call Mennonite Church Canada’s Resource Centre at 1-866-888-6785 and ask for Arlyn or Miriam. Registration deadline is Sept. 21.