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MennoMedia contemplates how to build biblical literacy


Facing the camera (l-r): Kathy Shantz, Josh Byler, and Beth Nealon

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Mennonite Church Canada
October 13, 2011
-Steve Shenk

HARRISONBURG, Va.— MennoMedia staff members brainstorm a possible new product focused on building biblical literacy during their first-ever all-staff gathering Sept. 23-25. Facing the camera (left to right) are Kathy Shantz, director of marketing and sales in Canada; Josh Byler, assistant editorial manager; and Beth Nealon, shipping assistant.

Some of the staff had never met before. Of the 35 total, 19 work at MennoMedia’s home office in Harrisonburg, Va. The other 16 are in MennoMedia’s offices in Newton, Kan., and Waterloo, Ontario, or work from home offices in Manitoba, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Michigan. MennoMedia was founded on July 1 from the merger of Mennonite Publishing Network and Third Way Media. MennoMedia serves both Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA.