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Short term assignment: training leaders and disciples in Asia


November 10, 2011
-Deborah Froese

Winnipeg, MAN. — Lifelong pastor and educator Palmer Becker has embarked on another short-term mission assignment to Asia with Mennonite Church Canada. From Nov. 6 to Dec. 9, Becker is sharing his vision for shaping leadership with Anabaptist church leaders.

Becker’s service begins in China where he will spend six days with a local pastor who is modeling the ministry of Jesus by training 12 disciples, each of whom will in turn train 12 more.

Following that, he will conduct seminars for Mennonite Church Vietnam church leaders about pastoral care and counselling with Gerry Keener of Eastern Mennonite Missions. He will conclude his time in Asia with a week in Thailand where he will teach from his booklet, What is an Anabaptist Christian?  Rad and Pat Houmphan, Mennonite Church Canada workers in Thailand, are coordinating this inter-Mennonite seminar in Borabu, hosted by the Living Water Church. 

This is Becker’s second short-term mission assignment in East Asia with Mennonite Church Canada in addition to two intensive teaching assignments at Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine. He lives in Kitchener Ont. with his wife Ardys and attends Waterloo North Mennonite Church.