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Being a Faithful Church: call to use new Feedback Tool


December 2, 2011
-Mennonite Church Canada General Board

Winnipeg, Man. — The General Board of Mennonite Church Canada is seeking input as part of the next step in the Being a Faithful Church process. “Our next step is to understand how we currently use Scripture when we discern as a Mennonite community,” explained Andrew Reesor-McDowell, Moderator. “This will create an important platform in building a shared framework for future discernment.”

The Being A Faithful Church Task Force has created a feedback tool designed to collect the data. Congregations are requested to use this tool and return the feedback by January 31, 2012. The feedback will be collated and a summary prepared for the Study Conference this summer in Vancouver. The feedback tool can be used in adult education settings, bible study groups, youth groups, or as a special gathering.

Broad participation is encouraged. “The strength of any data collection is volume,” explained Willard Metzger, General Secretary. “We need to hear from as many congregations, groups, and individuals as possible.” 

The Scripture Discernment and Feedback tool can be downloaded from The easy to use format is designed to solicit responses from as many people as possible. Attempts are being made to translate the tool in several languages to aid in the broad response being sought.

“I am quite excited about this part of the process,” stated Metzger. “It will be interesting to learn how our congregations across Canada use Scripture in times of discernment. We may have assumptions as a faith community that we are unaware of. The findings will be fascinating, informative and instructive.”

The hope is that congregations will make this a special effort in January. The BFC Task Group has worked hard at producing the tool. Now it is up to the congregations to provide their feedback.

“I’m confident that our people will do their job now,” stated Reesor-McDowell. “The commitment expressed by the delegates at the Assembly in Waterloo has given me high expectations of a healthy response.”