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Leadership staff titles change: Mennonite Church Canada


November 30, 2011
- Dan Dyck

Winnipeg, Man. — In its Nov. 10-12 meetings, Mennonite Church Canada’s General Board approved a recommendation to change the job titles of top level leadership staff in the national church office in Winnipeg. 

The recommendation, from Willard Metzger, General Secretary, said that in many circles, the term “General Secretary” is not clearly understood. “Although the term ‘General Secretary’ has a fond memory for some, it became clear that it had lost meaning and significance for many people. Most often I have been introduced by others as ‘Executive Director,’” said Metzger.

While Metzger becomes “Executive Director,” other members of the executive staff team will also see their titles change. “Executive Secretary” will become “Executive Minister” followed by the ministry program responsibility. Dave Bergen will become Executive Minister, Formation; Tim Froese will become Executive Minister, Witness; Vic Thiessen will become Executive Minister, Church Engagement.

Bergen reported that some board members felt the word “minister” in job titles helps retain an ecclesial identity for the national church, especially for those with direct responsibility to oversee ministry programs.

Area churches already use similar titles. Mennonite Church British Colombia and Mennonite Church Manitoba have Executive Directors. Mennonite Church Alberta, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, and Mennonite Church Eastern Canada use the “Minister” nomenclature for its top staff leaders.

Title changes for Mennonite Church Canada top level leadership staff become effective immediately.