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Meet Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers


Witness Worker Update cover

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December 16, 2011
-Deborah Froese

Winnipeg, MAN. — Keeping supporters informed about workers engaged in international ministry has prompted Mennonite Church Canada to find a more efficient way of relaying up-to-date information.

Previously, Mennonite Church Canada shared facts about workers and their ministries through a bound, soft-cover book called, World of Witness. With over 140  pages, the book was published every few years. In 2011, the format changed to an easily updatable, full-colour and cost-efficient booklet called Witness Worker Update. The booklet can be printed in the Mennonite Church Canada office or distributed electronically.

“The new format is easier to produce and distribute,” says Tim Froese, Executive Minister, Witness. “Because we produce it in the office, we can print on demand. And, because of the annual updates, new long-term workers don’t have to wait as long for their information to be shared with supporters. It also gives us an opportunity to include workers who are serving for shorter periods of time”

Witness Worker Update provides pertinent information about each worker, including home congregation, the term of service, and a description of the ministry assignment.

“People are our greatest resource,” Froese says. “Witness Worker Update allows you to see our diverse and gifted worker family and to accompany the transitions from year to year as assignments change, new workers arrive, and so on. Having a current copy that you can take home, put on your fridge or keep in your Bible helps to personalize your prayer – especially as you see prayer requests come through your church bulletin.”

Witness Worker Update also features invitations to serve – either long or short term.

“Intentionally engaging in service to God and others helps exercise our faith, transform our lives through relationships, learn from a diversity of peoples and contexts, and deepen our relationship to God and the church,” Froese says. “God is the one who calls, equips and sends and we as the church want to join with God in committing ourselves and our resources to engage the world with the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Free copies of the 2012 edition of Witness Worker Update, can be requested online at or by calling Ingrid Miller at  (204) 888-6781 or toll-free at (866) 888-6785.