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Project Wired: Connecting Youth and Adults


Winnipeg, Man.—Looking for ways to connect youth and young adults with adults in your congregation? Use technology as a bridge!

Church administrators and members increasingly want to travel down the information highway, but many are having trouble finding the on-ramp. And let's face it-getting wired to the internet is a daunting task fraught with technical protocol, causing many of the typewriter generation to head for the ditch, screaming "I don't understand!"

But the younger generation has grown up on a steady diet of chips and pixels. Dialing up and surfing around cyberspace is second nature for them, and most congregations have at least one or two who really shine in front of a keyboard. So why not invite these techno-savvy computer gurus to help train your church's administration team and get up to speed on the information autobahn?

It's a win-win situation. Generation X gets to connect with adults in a new, bottom-up way. Meanwhile, adults and church administrators learn how to use technology that helps them connect with family, friends, and congregations across the street and around the world. Then take it one step further and work with your them to create a web site for your congregation that's inviting and useful for newcomers and members alike!