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Mennonite Church Canada forms new partnership with Tenth Man


Winnipeg, Man.— The Outreach and Church Planting Committee (OCPC) of Mennonite Church Canada has formed a Joint Ministries agreement with the Tenth Man Program of Mennonite Men.

Tenth Man is a network of men and women who contribute $100 twice a year to a pool that then provides grants of up to $50,000, allowing new congregations to build or buy their first meeting place facilities.

Tenth Man grants have been redesigned for the new Mennonite Church to allow US and Canadian church bodies to set priorities for their contexts, as well as support one another in partnership. For Mennonite Church Canada it means that Canadian contributions, collected through the Ministries Commission, will receive priority for Canadian congregations. In addition, the partnership agreement allows for Canadian funds to be sent to US projects and for US funds to be received for Canadian projects at the discretion of a joint council made up of Canadian and US representatives.

Tenth Man is also now set up to extend tithe grants for overseas building, whereby ten percent of all grants are designated for overseas congregations. So far, the Zaporzhye Evangelical Church (Ukraine), Armenia (Colombia) and the People of Transformation (Mexico City) are recipients.

"Since church planting is our focus, it is only logical to partner with an existing and successful new church building program," said Tym Elias, Mennonite Church Canada Director of Outreach and Church Planting. "Retiring baby-boomers have really been getting into this program," he added, noting ambitious plans to get twenty new Canadian donors per year for the next two to three years.

The long-term plan is to make Tenth Man a self-run program in Canada. "We see this as a win-win situation. It will help us fulfill an important need in Canada, and it will help us continue partnering and relating with the larger Mennonite Church."

Jim Gingrich of Newton Kansas is part-time program coordinator for Tenth Man. More information on Tenth Man in Canada is available from Tym Elias, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M4, (204) 888-6781.