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News releases: 2003

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December 23, 2003

  • MC Canada: Financial report
    Mennonite Church Canada donation revenue continues to track close to projections. Forty-five percent of donation revenue typically arrives in the last quarter of the fiscal year, which ends on January 31.
  • Mennonites: Significant involvement in CCC

    Although Mennonite Church Canada is a relatively small denomination, the involvement and influence of some of its members in the broader church world is significant.
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December 10, 2003

  • Mission workers: China update
    Gordon Janzen, MC Canada Mission Partnership Facilitator for Asia recently spent 3 weeks visiting workers in Asia, providing support for changes, attending China Educational Exchange (CEE) meetings, and connecting with the ‘on-the-ground’ ministries of workers.
  • Chinese believers discover they are not the only Christians
    Shi Chufen became a Christian in 1992 and soon began serving as a leader among this growing group of believers, working as a tailor to support herself. With no further outside contact, they thought they were the only Christian body in existence.
  • Cow lending project off to a good start in Thailand
    With the seed money from a partner church in Henderson, Nebraska, MC Canada workers Pat and Rad Houmphan in Borbur, Thailand, are moving a local church toward self-sufficiency while helping local farmers
  • Of pastors, baseball, and Kimchi
    Mina is a rambunctious 4th grader. Since the new school term had not yet begun, he was bored and said, “I wish I had somebody to play baseball with.” I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Beautiful Nan-Chong is my home
    A young Canadian couple, Todd and Jeanette Hanson, locally known as Han Son (pronounced Han Soon) and Zhang Lin (Jeanette’s Chinese name), respectively, have worked and lived in Nan-Chong for the last 10 years.
  • Resourcing MC Canada – on-line
    MC Canada’s Resource Centre has now listed its complete holdings on-line and has a brand new web interface that allows users to order loans on-line.
  • Prayer: In the Peace of Christ
    A copy of Prayer: In the Peace of Christ was sent to every MC Canada congregation in the December/January edition of Equipping Canada.
  • Partnership Agreement with the Canadian Mennonite
    In an effort to build on the relationship MC Canada has with Canadian Mennonite, the denomination and magazine have developed an Editorial Partnership Agreement. The document also serves to help readers understand the nature of that relationship.

November 17, 2003

  • Native Mennonite Assembly to be hosted in Manitoba, 2004

    Next summer, 2-300 Native Mennonites from across North America will gather for a major assembly in Riverton, Manitoba. To begin planning that event, representatives of MC Canada Native Ministries, United Native Ministries, and Mennonite Indian Leaders Council met in Winnipeg and Riverton, November 5-9. They also worked at creating an organization of Native Mennonite Congregations in Canada and the U.S.A.

  • God’s Love CD exceeds expectations

    It doesn't happen very often that a new collection of simple songs geared to children quickly finds a home in places ranging from Sunday school to seminary. But that is exactly what has happened with “God's Love is For Everybody,” a CD of “songs for small and tall” by Bryan Moyer Suderman.

  • MC Canada General Board meets
    The buoyant and affirmative tone of a consultation on a potential Mennonite Education Agency for Canada set the mood for General Board meetings here on Nov. 6-8.
  • General Board stands by March decisions
    In meetings here on Nov 6-8, MC Canada General Board members stood by their March decision to cut Christian Service Ministries (CSM) from the budget. But they also made a commitment to keep alive the ethic of Christian service in future thinking.
  • General Board hears from Winnipeg pastors/leaders
    Pastors and Mennonite Church Manitoba staff named challenges, opportunities, hope, and excitement about ministries and congregations in Manitoba over lunch with MC Canada’s General Board here on Nov 7.
  • Window treatment a witness to visitors
    Canadian Mennonite University student Miriam Rempel joined MC Canada staff recently to “team paint” the office lobby window during a lunch break.

November 5, 2003

  • First Person: Report from Niedergörsdorf
    James and Henriette Schellenberg (Douglas MC, Winnipeg), Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers, have just completed a 2-year term of service in Niedergörsdorf, Germany. Jake and Dorothy Unrau (Rosemary MC, Alberta), most recently Witness workers in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, have agreed to continue the ministry in Niedergörsdorf.
  • Plenert appointed to GMF planning committee
    Janet Plenert, executive director of International Ministries for Mennonite Church Canada, has been elected to represent North America on the Global Mission Fellowship planning committee.
  • Finding common ground in MCBC
    Executive leaders from Mennonite Church BC and Mennonite Church Canada met at Vancouver’s Sherbrooke Mennonite Church on October 24 to find common ground amidst ongoing tensions.
  • Art gallery launches MWC book: In God’s Image
    The book offers poignant insight into the time RayDirks spent collecting art and curating an exhibit at this year's MWC assembly in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, visiting 17 countries on five continents in the process - an effort that alone took two years.

October 22, 2003

  • Helping new Mennonites in Ecuador
    Rudy and Helen Baergen recently brought stories of Anabaptist history, theology and church practice to The Mennonite Church of Quito.
  • Equipping Update
    The November/December issue of Equipping Canada marks the third exclusively electronic distribution of the packet, begun by Mennonite Church Canada in June. The contents of each packet strive to inform and resource pastors, congregational leaders, worship teams, Christian Education committees, Sunday School teachers, librarians, and many others.
  • Mennonite Voluntary Service Orientation
    Fifty people participated in the September Mennonite Voluntary Service orientation here (Sept. 1-5). Eight are from Canada, 6 from Germany, and 36 from the USA.

October 8, 2003

September 18, 2003

August 26, 2003

  • Gift for languages draws worker to China
    A gift for languages and a desire to use those gifts for God’s purposes is leading Cari Friesen to China to teach English for two years.

  • Assembly tote bag maker goes extra mile
    Anne Neufeld of Coaldale, Alberta got into the spirit and went the extra mile by inserting a note into the bags she sewed for the Mennonite Church Canada annual assembly in St. Catharines this year.

  • Ukraine Ministries Night
    Oct 5, 7:00 pm, UKRAINE DESSERT NIGHT, featuring Jake and Dorothy Unrau, returned Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers from Zaporyzhyzha, Ukraine, hosted by First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg, MB. Come and hear stories about how God is transforming lives and how your support makes a difference in that ministry.

August 13, 2003

  • A man with a vision

    Pat Houmphan is a committed man. His commitment to Christ, to sharing the gospel, and to church planting in Thailand leaves this energetic and passionate man with no shortage of work.

  • Understanding the vote results: Resolution 6
    In a narrow 131 to 130 ballot vote, a resolution was passed asking the Mennonite Church Canada General Board to send a letter reinforcing the church’s position on marriage (16 ballots were spoiled).

  • Seminar brings out happy feet
    About 60 mission workers and staff representing Mennonite Church Canada Witness and Mennonite Mission Network gathered July 15-21 for the annual Mission Seminar...

August 7, 2003

  • Open letter to pastors and church leaders in Mennonite Church Canada:
    Dear colleagues and friends in Christ;
    Last week the Prime Minister of Canada announced that the Federal government will take steps to ratify same-sex covenant relationships as “marriages.” Subsequently, the provinces have declared their intention to follow Ottawa’s lead and to take steps to register same-sex unions as marriages (with the exception of Alberta, and it is doubtful that Alberta can refuse to do so). These changes appear imminent in the foreseeable future. Without doubt, as Canadians, we are entering a new phase of uncertainty and debate around the nature and meaning of marriage and family... Read letter.

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